Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's gonna get deep here- bring a life vest.

Recently it was brought to my attention that I hero worship some people in my life. Naturally, I looked up the exact definition and was instantly confused. The definition is an excessive amount of adoration. Huh. That doesn't make much sense to me.

So my brain works in this way where I question the next layer to this complexity. Who decides what is excessive? And why is excessive have a negative connotation to it? I mean, sure some things in excess are bad- like booze, prostitutes, and binge watching Breaking Bad.

Then, I realized that our society as a whole is pretty depressing. It's much easier to take criticism than it is to take a compliment. If someone is excessively smart, they're assumed to be awkward and weird. If someone is excessively attractive, they're assumed to be pretentious and mean. If someone is excessively sensitive, they're labeled a baby. We have become comfortable being mediocre. We have become comfortable being average. We have become comfortable with low commitment, high self regard, and an entitlement that justifies all of our behavior.

And I'm right there with you. Ive been labeled pretentious and a baby. I've been a dick. I've been mediocre. We pick each other apart, until there is just scraps, and wonder what happened here. We've become accustom to criticizing and bitching- hell we even criticize excessive adoration and adulation by labeling it hero worshipping.

Maybe we should start celebrating the positive things in each other. So yeah, I'll keep being excessive. I'll admire excessively. I'll love excessively. I'll live excessively.


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