Monday, January 23, 2017

March of the Vaginas-

Let me preface this by saying I didn't march over the weekend. I had to work, had to provide for my two little girls, had to do my hustle..

What I won't do is shame those who have, which I see a lot of you women doing. Shaming women for fighting for their rights AND yours, while being belittled by you. How hard it must be to face adversity while those you fight for are cutting your legs out from under you. 

I am the poster child for an early 30s American girl. I have young children, and abortion couldn't be a choice for me and my emo heart and deep sense of guilt I feel. That's personally how I am, and unashamed of it. HOWEVER, my ego is never overbearing enough to believe my personal beliefs should be force to the point of exclusion onto anyone else.  I believe everyone should be allowed to live their own life, let it mold you and change you, for better or worse. A dichotomy like that is the heartbeat to democracy. To everything. 

I love the spirit of protesting. I love the passion of believing in something enough it moves you and turns you into a megaphone for its platform. We forget this country was sought out on persecution and birthed in the midst of a riot (you know, dumping everyone's shit in Boston Harbor).  240ish years later we are still persecuting. Does that not worry you?! That as a society our growth has been mostly nothing? 

So I want to say thank you. To every person who marched. Thank you for fighting for OUR rights. Cause my whole life I've had to be concerned with societies rules and regulations. If I'm too friendly to a guy will he think that I want to fuck him? If I find an outfit that I love that shows too much cleavage will I be asking to be groped while out for a night with friends? If I'm in a parking lot at night and alone will I always have to look over my shoulder? Can I run simple errands without someone commenting on me inappropriately?  And what if I'm dating someone and he forces himself onto me, that's not rape, right? 

Come on. Get real. This is fucking ridiculous and unfair to the right everyone has- to live their own true self without barriers or criticism. 

P.S.- if you are shaming this movement, I'm assuming you are close minded, washed up, and/or externally and internally disgusting. 

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